Lead Generation

Passionate about Lead Generation B2B and B2C for 25 years, I am still surprised that not everyone understands the same definition about Lead Generation.

What is Lead Generation? (also called LeadGen)

Lead Generation is a marketing-sales process that stimulates and captures interest in a product or service with the purpose of developing a sales revenue.

The buying process has changed, and traders need to find new ways to reach buyers and be heard through the noise.

Instead of finding customers with mass advertising, emailing, and the usual marketing campaigns, companies now need to focus on ways to be found and then learn to build ongoing relationships with the lead.

Over the last decade, the abundance of information readily available online has led to the development of “self-trained" shoppers. They are very knowledgeable, they have done their research. Therefore, companies need to build new techniques to develop and qualify prospects before passing them through the sales process. This is a good evolution of the sales process and brings the discussion with the leads on a higher level.

How can you take advantage of Lead Generation, this new mandatory sales step? Generally, companies do a good job of acquiring leads through lots of direct marketing campaigns, but the real problem is that most of these prospects are not ready to buy by the time they are contacted or prospected. If they are not engaged at that moment, then they are lost, ignored or they will see the competition. To prevent them from leaving, one must invest in the prospect until he is ready to buy, using several techniques to build a relationship of trust. Lead Generation allows you to do this through relevant content and by ensuring that the prospect returns to your sales pipeline when he is ready.

Defining a process of education and maintenance of your prospects is called Lead Nurturing.

How do I increase Lead Generation results?

·      With a good identification of the buying process

·      Optimization of the generation of prospects through the different marketing campaigns (digital marketing and usual campaigns)

·      Develop a Lead Generation strategy and a customer management strategy

·      Capturing the leads

·      Establish a content strategy based on the purchase cycle

·      Active Insight Sales campaigns

·      Assessing the leads (lead scoring)

·      Define a process of Lead Nurturing


The best advice in Lead Generation: Don’t let the leads sleeping, act today !