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J'ai choisi ce livre pour des raisons professionnelles et l'auteur est d'un professionnalisme hors pair. Je recommande plus que vivement. L'expérience "terrain" relatée est le meilleure enseignement.

Michele Pasteur

Even if your business goals have shifted from growth to sustainability in these COVID times; new customers remain vital and speed matters. Valeska Lefranc with her 25 years of Business Development experience helps you develop a simple winning strategy and action plan - focusing and acting on the right priority levers today!

Severine Vercruysse

Je conseille vivement ce livre à tous ceux qui veulent augmenter leur capacité à générer des leads. Les conseils sont pratiques et judicieux !

Laurence J.

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We propose one or two days with a very complete curriculum including :

How to generate leads?

How to implement an effective lead generation plan?

How to communicate with your leads?

How to write a prospecting script for your products?

How to select your audience?

Workshop and practical exercises

Price on Demand (depending number of participants, location, 1 or 2 days)

Conference - Roundtable

I have the great pleasure of intervening in companies to give conferences that are both motivating and informative for sales teams, business developers, marketers and Inside Sales.

My main objective, whatever the subject approached:

Make prospecting an activity accessible to all, sales and non-sellers.

Price on Demand (depending location and Topic to be presented)

Lead Generation diagnosis

An interview with you to analyse the commercial situation of your company.

The submission of a complete and detailed expert report

Clear marketing actions to undertake to find your next customers

Diagnostic price: 495 €

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